helping cities find and grow their
sustainable industry of excellence


Same City,
New economy

Cities across America are struggling to keep up with major tech hubs. Rather than hoping to get a large distribution facility to come to your region, let Cochran Advisors help you start a new kind of tech economy right in your own hometown.


How we work

Too many economic development programs are dependent on a “build it and they will come” approach. We show you how to gather the community, gain buy-in, and benefit everyone…Not just those who are “techie” or consider themselves “entrepreneurs.” We help YOU and you community work together for a new tomorrow.

Community Driven

Economic development projects should benefit everyone. Traditional accelerators, incubators, and innovation labs only benefit a few who already think of themselves as “entrepreneurs.” We help you develop custom approaches that provide lift to marginalized, overlooked and uneducated populations.

Everyone Wins

There is no “magic pill” to help your town. A new building, a high profile accelerator, even a regional distribution center won’t help everyone in your town get ahead. We develop customized approaches for the uniqueness of each city and town we work with.

Customized For Your City/Town

Your community is not a silicon valley, beach or mountain, stop trying to change what makes your city unique and start with what is already there. We’ll show you how to capitalize on your current assets and change your town’s narrative.

Build on Current Assets

Let us help you build a better tomorrow.